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How To Clean A Carpet – The Best Ways To Remove Carpet Stains

Why should you have to put up with carpet stains? Are you tired of searching for the best ways to remove spills from your carpet? Hey, today is your lucky day.

We’ve got your back when it comes to carpet cleaning. We offer various services, including upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and Covid 19 disinfection. 

To get rid of the stains, you can choose to hire a carpet cleaning company or do it yourself at home. While you figure out the best way to go about it, make sure you check our recommended carpet cleaning methods below. 

So, let’s get started.

How To Remove Stains From A Carpet

There are several ways you can get rid of carpet stains at home. Before you results for carpet cleaning services, you may have to scrape off the spills that could lead to tough stains. Some of these spills are from pet droppings, coffee, and wine stains. So, how should you go about this?

Use a cleaning towel and soapy water

Mix cold water with dish soap and use it for cleaning. However, do not scrub the carpet to avoid agitating the stain. Spray the water-soap solution and dab it with a clean towel.

If you have a stain on your carpet that you’re unsure of, this type of cleaning is the most suitable. However, if it’s hard to get the carpet stain off, you can check other alternative methods below. 

Use a mixture of water and vinegar

Carpet Spraying

Sometimes, it can be hard to get a stain out. Another method of cleaning is by using vinegar and water solution. Leave the damp towel for some time to blot the stain.

Avoid rubbing the stain, but instead, use a wet towel and dab. Use clean water and a towel to rinse off the mixture. You can apply this method to remove a coffee stain.

Using baking soda

Removing a greasy stain with baking soda

You’re probably wondering, baking soda to remove carpet stains, huh? Yes, you read it right. 

Baking soda is one of the products that are pretty easy to get in your kitchen. It is odorless and simple to use. In addition, it removes greasy and non-greasy stains on your carpet.

A greasy stain is like cooking oil or a lubricant. To use it on such a stain, use a paper towel to absorb the greasy stain first. Avoid rubbing the towel to avoid spreading it.

After blotting, sprinkle the baking soda and give it time to absorb the greasy stain. Avoid pouring water, as damp baking soda cannot absorb the grease.

Use a vacuum to clean the carpet. If the stain is slightly visible, you can use dish soap and cold water for further cleaning. However, if it is still visible, repeat the process several times. 

How to remove a non-greasy stain with Baking soda

Coffee stain on a carpet

A non-greasy stain can be a result of wine, coffee, or tea. Start by sprinkling the baking soda on the stained area. Next, splash cold water on the baking soda to dampen it. 

Leave it there for some time. You can let it stay overnight to avoid rushing the process. Remember, the goal is to remove the stain. Finally, use a vacuum for cleaning. 

The reason why you should consider using this method is because baking soda is cheaper. Besides, it’s readily available in most kitchens and does not have chemicals that can be harmful to your hands.

Cleaning using baking soda and vinegar

Although slightly mentioned earlier, in this cleaning method, you can use both vinegar and baking soda. Well, it’s not a must for you to use both if you are not comfortable with the two. 

It’s worth noting that vinegar is acidic, while baking soda is an absorbent. So, if you want to give a shot at a more tough cleaning method, here we go!

Spray white vinegar on the stained area. Ensure you’re only dumping the stained part and not leaving it soggy. You do not want to spread the stain all over the carpet. 

Sprinkle baking soda to cover the stain. You will notice the bubbles and fizzing sound from the mixture. Give it time to blot by leaving it overnight or several hours. 

Use a vacuum to clean off the stained area. However, if you notice spotty sections, you can repeat the process once more. But in most cases, this method of cleaning is usually successful. 

Cleaning pet odor and smell from your carpet

Pet stains

Having your fur friend is fun until you notice a foul smell on your carpet, either from urine or dirt. However, this should not give you sleepless nights anymore. Interestingly, you have your baking soda to the rescue. 

You can also use commercial cleaning products like a pet stain remover. You can always budget for one for thorough cleaning. But why should you spend money when you can use home-based products? 

Start by sprinkling baking soda on the various areas, then use a vacuum to clean. If this method is not successful, consider a commercial pet cleaner product from the pet store. 

The benefit of using pet products is that it gets rid of the bacterias, which cause the smell. In addition, it discourages your pet from staining the same area over and over. An example of such a product is the Bissell pet carpet and upholstery cleaner.

Hire carpet cleaning services

Professional carpet cleaner

Our list cannot be complete without mentioning the professional carpet cleaners. You can look for carpet cleaning services near you or a recommendation from a friend. 

Hiring a carpet cleaner is better than cleaning different spots every day. The carpet cleaners clean your entire carpet rather than the stained areas only.

Besides, you can budget for a carpet cleaner and cleaning products. That way, it saves you money and cleaning time. 

Final Thoughts

If you need help cleaning your carpet, you may consider a professional company like Wright Way Services. Having a clean and odorless carpet gives you a fresh and comfortable space to live in for you, your friends, and your pets. Contact us today for a quote for our service. We’ll deliver quality services for a clean and comfortable home. 


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