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8 Tips on How to Get Rid of Pet Odor

If you have a pet at home, you probably have thought of how you can get rid of the pet odor. Although you love your pet like a family member, you may not always like how your house smells. 

Apart from the pungent smell of training accidents, lingering pet stench can settle on the carpets, curtains, and upholstered furniture. 

Even if you groom your pet regularly and maintain a healthy diet, the smell can continue to build up over time. While getting rid of pet-related odor from your home is challenging, doing it with a strategy and effort makes it easy. 

The purpose of this guide is to present you with 12 tips to help eliminate the unpleasant pet odor from your home. 

You can pick the tips that help you get the best results that you’re looking for. 

Let’s get started!

Sweep and Mop All Hard Floors

mopping a floor

The first thing you need to get rid of the pet odor is to remove the debris that your pet might create. It not only includes the pet’s dirt and hair but the dander too. 

Since it is very light, you need to be careful when dealing with it. Sweep gently to avoid spreading the dander further into the air. 

Place a sheet of newspaper over the dust in the trashcan to prevent it from blowing. Once you have swept everything, mop the hard surfaces such as the hardwood floor, tile, and linoleum floors to remove any dust or debris you might have missed. Use a pet-safe floor cleaner that is safe for your pet. 

Vacuum, Vacuum & Vacuum

vacuuming the floor

Once you have dealt with the hard floors, it’s time to deal with the carpets. Your carpets can hold a lot of dust, hair, and dander, so vacuum the entire carpet in your home – including the door rugs. 

After you’re done with the carpets, vacuum the furniture and the curtains using the appropriate attachments. Consider purchasing a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for homes with pets.  

Empty the vacuum’s canister and change the air filters frequently to ensure it is working efficiently. 

Steam Clean the Carpets

Once you get rid of the dry materials from the carpets, use a steam cleaner to remove the odor that might be trapped inside the carpet’s fiber

If you do not have the needed equipment, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company, but ensure they use pet-friendly carpet cleaners before they start.

Keep your pets in the backyard during carpet cleaning and ensure they are completely dry before you let your pet inside. 

Treat Each Stain Differently

carpet cleaning with a towel

Pet smells are not equal. It is important for you to determine the type of stain you are dealing with. Pick the appropriate cleaner for your surface. 

For example, use enzymatic cleaner for general carpet accidents like an upset stomach. They can remove new odors and stains.

For set-in stains, use an oxy-powered cleaner that can help break down and remove set spots. 

For urine spots, use a combination probiotic cleaner and no marking spray to prevent staining in the future.

Wash Linens 

All fabrics in your home can develop pet odor. So, ensure you run everything in the washing machine, including covers, throw pillow covers, bed linens, and everything that is machine-washable. 

If you are dealing with a serious odor problem, you should also wash your clothing in the cleaning process. It is because your clothes can often start smelling like your pet.

Cleaning everything will ensure it is not just your home that smells good, but you too!

Wash your Pet’s Bed

a dog's bed

Your pet’s bed is most likely the most stinking item in your entire house. Your pet is constantly coating it with saliva, hair, dirt, urine, and dander. 

Most dog beds are machine washable, so remove the cover and put it in the washing machine. Read the label and check if they need to be air-dried. 

If the core of your pet’s bed is not free of stain or odor, you will have to wash it or replace it.  

Once you have washed the cover, arrange the entire bed together and treat it using stain repellant. It will ensure it smells better moving forward.

Open the Windows

an open window

While it is not a magic bullet, opening up your windows can help minimize pet-related odors. It may not be possible during the winters or extreme heat, so ensure you schedule your home cleaning during mild temperatures. 

Open up every screened window in your house and the doors too. Turn on the ceiling fan and the fan in your home’s central unit too. 

If you have an attic fan, be sure to turn it on too.

Keep an eye on your pet when airing your home. Make sure to use a pet gate to prevent your pet from running out the door. 

Change Air Filters

When your home is airing out, make sure you change the air filters. Often, clogged air filters can contribute to pet odor problems and even make your HVAC system work less efficiently. 

Replacing the air filters is quite easy. However, you can open the old filter to a hardware store if you are not familiar. It will ensure you get the correct replacement filter. You can even order filters online, so replacing them can make it easier.

Be cautious when removing the filters, as dust and debris can fall on the floors. Just place them directly in a garbage bag and dispose of them. 

Once you have tried the above tips, your home should be smelling super fresh and not like your pet. If the above tips are too much for you to handle, hire a cleaning company

You can have the professionals come in every few weeks to clean your home. It will ensure your pet’s scent does not settle in your house. 

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